“How MOOCs preserve the jobs of dull and boring professors”

A perverse but growing trend among students who have learned how to compensate for dull, uninspiring lectures:

“Here’s an open secret:  many doctoral students enroll in the statistics courses required by their programs, courses taught by dull and uninspiring lecturers, but then take the free OLI statistics course, which is strategic and problem-based and graduated to one’s skills.  They then ace the final exam in their actual program (the one for which they pay tuition).  The prof thinks he’s a genius, but he’s been replaced by a computer screen.”

We are entering a period in which is enabling teachers who haven’t updated their lecture slides in a decade, and cause their students to think about changing their major, to perpetuate their behavior. The higher-ed system is ripe for disruption and dis-intermediation, but it’s likely to take longer than it should, due to the increasing array of online alternatives to Professor Borehead.  To read Cathy Davidson’s full (and thoughtful) post, click here:


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